Scent Swap

Scent swaps are only eligible for orders delivered and received within 7 calendar days. Under no circumstances do we offer a scent swap beyond the stated timeframe. Pre-ordered items are not eligible for scent swapping. Scents swaps are limited to 1 swap per customer within a 60-day period.
Collections and Product Categories
Only one (1) scent per collection within its own collection can be swapped. Multiple scents within the same collection cannot be swapped, nor can the quantity exceed the maximum amount of one (1) scent per collection. We strongly encourage trying our fragrance mini's or the discovery set for the collection prior to purchasing the full-size; if you are not familiar with the notes or if you are indecisive about a particular scent. A scent swap is different from a product replacement; replacing a product due to damage, lost or being missing from your order is not equivalent to a scent swap. Please utilize the appropriate form for your order request.
Scent Swap Conditions
Scent swap items must be equal to items that have the same monetary value at the time of ordering. Fragrance mini's are not eligible for scent swapping, nor are shower gels, body balms or body oils. Scent swapping is available based on product availability and stock inventory; archived scents and collections cannot be swapped, in addition to any scent(s) not listed on our website. Scent swapping is done on our behalf which means customers will not be returning the purchased items back to us. Due to the nature of our products and for sanitary and hygiene purposes, we do not accept returns. The customer can discard or gift the unwanted scent, and we will simply reissue a new scent once the scent swap request is approved.